Translation Services

The best of technology and human skills to deliver 'Better-Faster-Competitive' translation services.

We offer professional translation services, in more than 130 world languages. From general to domain specific content, we have the experience and expertise to for all.

We generally work with the following domains but can also handle other unspecified ones;

  • General
  • Technical Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • E-learning
  • Website & Software Localisation

We assure;

  • 100% Native, Human Translation
  • Clear Up-front Prices
  • Better Quality, High Accuracy
  • Quick Turn-Around

Project Managers
Right from understanding client's requirements, chalking out a customised workflow to identifying the right resources for the job and coordinating between various teams, Project Managers play a key role in getting quality translations within specified timeframe.

Localisation Engineers
With various file formats, media options and technologies, Localisation Engineers, play a very important role in delivering the translation work in desired format. Also, they have to assure that the translators need to do what they are best at - translating content, without bothering about technicalities whether its a document, a website or a software. 

Our Languages
We specialise in all the major commercial Indian and International languages. We also welcome queries for rare languages.